Silsoe, Bedfordshire, UK

Month: March 2023

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‘Have Your Say’ Beds Police Survey

Tell Bedfordshire Police your concerns in order for them to greater serve the community Have Your Say This survey will highlight to the Community Policing Team problems highlighted in specificvillages/towns/areas so that they can better allocate their time and resources

Elections - you need photo ID


You now need photo ID to vote at a polling station **Accepted forms of photo ID You can use any of the following accepted forms of photo ID when voting at a polling station. – International travel: Passport issued by the UK, any of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, a British Overseas Territory,…
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Clophill roundabout on Map

Latest News- Clophill Roundabout

Further Update From Silsoe Parish Council – please attend the CBC event on the 16th March in Clophill Methodist Hall You will have no doubt seen the various pieces of information that are circulating regarding this project. Your Parish Council continues in it’s relentless efforts to secure some reassurances relating to the inevitable traffic chaos…
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