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Latest News- Clophill Roundabout

Clophill roundabout on Map

Further Update From Silsoe Parish Councilplease attend the CBC event on the 16th March in Clophill Methodist Hall

You will have no doubt seen the various pieces of information that are circulating regarding this project. Your Parish Council continues in it’s relentless efforts to secure some reassurances relating to the inevitable traffic chaos that will descend on our village. To that end we took part in a briefing this week organised by Central Beds. Sadly, no such reassurances were forthcoming only statements that ‘various measures’ were being considered. This is extremely frustrating as we have engaged with CBC on these issues for almost a year and feel that these serious matters are being ignored which is totally unacceptable.

The works begin in 4 days and we have nothing in place to help deal with the predictable traffic problems.

We have all witnessed the hold-ups from the landscaping works this week. This is just a foretaste and we strongly urge all residents to visit the CBC event on the 16th March in Clophill Methodist Hall to find out the latest and have your say. This is obviously after the start date of the 13th but we in the meantime are continuing to apply pressure and have requested a similar event for just Silsoe residents. We will keep you updated.