Silsoe, Bedfordshire, UK

Update on the Silsoe Village Sign Restoration

Silsoe Village Sign

The village of Silsoe has been proud of its special village sign next to St James Church on Park Avenue. Not only does it announce the name of the village but also provides a pictorial illustration of the history and heritage of the village. The sign was erected twenty-two years ago and it has stood there throughout, exposed to the elements which have taken their toll on the woodwork. It was decided that it was time to give the sign a new lease of life.

Adrian Goulding at the “Artisans in the Yard” Gallery in Shefford High Street was commissioned to conduct the restoration. Familiar with many restorations, Adrian, in this case, had to reach out to fellow Artisans, and contacts in the trade for specialist advice.

Once the sign was stripped down, rotted wood removed and replaced, new stainless-steel fixings installed and a hand-crafted copper weather trim fixed, its future structural integrity was assured. Next the beautiful painted carving of St James Church, Wrest House, the cage and a tractor were retouched, revarnished and all brought to life again. The pillar on which the sign is mounted also received some attention and the sign was reinstated .

Our thanks go to Mr Adrian Goulding who carried out the restoration. Adrian commented, “I do many repairs and commissions at my workshop next to the Gallery. I think this one was incredibly special, not only because of the usual challenges of wood and metal but because it was so satisfying to restore something that supports the wonderful story of all the history that surrounds us.”

Silsoe Parish Council